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The Great War

PBS is now showing The Great War as part of its American Experience series. John Dvorak mentioned it at the beginning of NA 920 because he just saw the third part, “one of the best things they’ve ever done!” he judged the series. Revealed in the series was the ministry of propaganda (CPI – Committee of Public


While discussing geo-engineering schemes, Dvorak brought up Snowpiercer, a fantastic movie. He further described it as a  dynamite sci-fi movie about a train that has to keep moving to keep the world from freezing over. Get it at Amazon. [NA 916 :22]

La La Land

Dvorak is having trouble watching La La Land. Adam asked if he went to see it in the theater and Dvorak admitted he had a DVD screener. Dvorak doesn’t like it, can’t understand why it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread-it seems dull! [NA 898 2:44]

Bilbao, Spain

Time for another Dvorak Food & Travel Tip! This time in Spain: You want to go the eat the food in Bilbao, they have some of the greatest restaurants in the world – in that area, San Sebastián to be honest about it; then you leave there and go down to Rioja which is a

Mein Kampf

Headline: Germany sees overwhelming sales of Mein Kampf! Mein Kampf is now being printed in Germany. Boom! It’s now a best seller, So, Adam picked up a copy. Adam explained that in one version, with the translation by the ADL, all offensive material has been taken out, but it’s the whole point of reading the book. Dvorak says,

Hankook Supermarket: Korean Energy Drinks

John Dvorak recommends checking out the crazy Korean energy drink available at Hankook market in Menlo Park (or Redwood City) in the San Francisco Bay Peninsula. FACT CHECK!  We discovered Hankook is really 20 miles down the road in Sunnyvale. According to Dvorak, these Korean energy drinks are not like the ones we have domestically, loaded with taurine,

No Agenda News Hottie: Helena Humphrey

You can now add Deutsche Welle’s Helena Humphrey to the pantheon of favorite No Agenda News presenters. During episode 913 Dvorak played a clip and he remarked at the beautiful German Helena with goth style makeup on Deutsche Welle. In one clip he remarked about her butt. After going through the website we figured out he

The Producers

While discussing the censorship of the new version of Beauty and the Beast, Dvorak brought up The Producers with Mel Brooks. and wonders why it wasn’t banned since it contains of the funniest anti-gay stuff in it. [9:12 2:42]

Beauty and the Beast

The new live action version of Beauty and the Beast is being banned in Russia and Malaysia – all due to a ‘gay moment’ in the film. A show producer tweeted, “I guess people are bent out of shape from the one gay scene but don’t seem to mind a woman falling in love with an

The Leftovers

Dvorak seems confused or unsure of the title of his TV recommendation,  “The Unborn , The Returns, The Returners, originally a French things call the Revenants. It’s a zombie style story without zombies!” We think he’s trying to describe HBO’s The Leftovers. From a New York Times review: The story is adapted from a novel of the same

Santa Clarita Diet

Adam recommends Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. He joked that it features Drew Barrymore as a cannibal zombie. [NA 911 2:51]

NCAA March Madness

As the NCAA Championship, better known as March Madness heads to the final brackets, it gets real good according to John Dvorak. “Very entertaining basketball for two or three weeks – college hoops!” [NA 911 2:51]

The Myth of the Machine

Dvorak enthusiastically recommended No Agenda listeners to read any book authored by Lewis Mumford. He was prolific writer in the 1930’s–1950’s who often wrote about The Machine (technology) in a societal context. Dvorak said you can find a great copy in a used bookstore for a buck or two. Get Lewis Mumford books at Amazon.

Noodles & Company Closes Austin Restaurants

Oh no! Noodles and Company has shuttered some Austin area restaurants! Adam Curry thinks this restaurant must’ve been ground zero of the social justice movement thanks to Noodle Boy (No Agenda clip favorite) working there. Good luck for the rest of the workers in finding for new jobs. [NA 907 1:17]

Berlin Station

Dvorak brought up Berlin Station about a CIA station in Berlin. Quite dark and fun to watch! Berlin Station is on the Epix network. [907 :54]

Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese

While Adam was discussing a story on how the retail bubble has imploded leading to malls closing,  Dvorak was offered the explanation that Millenials like to buy offbeat, small batch products that cost twice as much ordinary products and not at a mall. Adam offered up that he and Tina eat Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese which “is fantastic!” Adam added that many

Lost UFO Files

Dvorak brought up an awesome ‘alien show’ from one of the cable channels such as the History Channel or the All Hitler Channel (AHC). He said it was good as it debunking bogus points right away and brings out lots of interesting facts from the old UFO research files. I looked up Lost UFO Files and


While discussing setbacks in the investigation of on-going sexual child abuse in the Catholic Church, Dvorak recommended the movie Spotlight which covers this topic. Spotlight portrays the Boston Globe’s investigation into Catholic priests sexual abuse in the Boston area. The film went on to win the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards. Dvorak further added the movie is

The Detour

v Dvorak has watched a new show called The Detour on TBS. At first it reminded him of the Jack Lemmon/Neil Simon play Out-Of-Towners where a guy moves to NY and a bunch of bad things start happening to him. Overall it was thought to be too cringe-worthy to be funny. Dvorak summed it up

Abstract: The Art of Design

Adam is falling asleep in front of the TV again, but recollects seeing part of the documentary, Abstract:The Art of Design on Netflix. Adam mentioned it because he wanted to acknowledge and thank the No Agenda producers for making such outstanding artwork for the show!